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Summer Stage Live Music Schedule

**Exact performance times subject to change, but typically begin around 6-6:30pm and end around 9pm**


Sunday, August 1st – Johnny Philippidis

Monday, August 2nd - The Danjos

Tuesday, August 3rd - Johnny Philippidis

Wednesday, August 4th - Johnny Philippidis

Thursday, August 5th - Sam Sims

Friday, August 6th - Dimitris

Saturday, August 7th - Aiden & Ashley

Sunday, August 8th – Dimitris

Monday, August 9th - The Danjos

Tuesday, August 10th - John Amabile

Wednesday, August 11th - Dimitris

Thursday, August 12th - Sam Sims

Friday, August 13th - Thom White 

Saturday, August 14th - Sam Sims

Sunday, August 15th – Dimitris

Monday, August 16th - The Danjos

Tuesday, August 17th - Johnny Philippidis

Wednesday, August 18th - Johnny Philippidis

Thursday, August 19th - Sam Sims

Friday, August 20th - Dimitris

Saturday, August 21st - Johnny Philippidis

Sunday, August 22nd – Johnny Philippidis

Monday, August 23rd - The Danjos

Tuesday, August 24th - Johnny Philippidis

Wednesday, August 25th - Johnny Philippidis

Thursday, August 26th - Sam Sims

Friday, August 27th - Dimitris

Saturday, August 28th - Johnny Philippidis

Sunday, August July 29th – Johnny Philippidis

Monday, August 30th - The Danjos

Sunday, August 31st - Johnny Philippidis